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The 47th Historic Winton  25th and 26th May 2024

 Following an incorrect article in a Motorcycle Magazine our long time collaborator HMRAV posted the following:

(15) HMRAV Historic Motorcycle Racing Association of Victoria | Facebook


Note Historic Winton 2024 is being held as above. Please ignore any rumours to the contrary.

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Observed Section Trials (Mud Trials or Sporting Trials in other parts of the world) are an integral part of the Austin 7 Club. Austin 7s are no longer driven in OST competition, except for the odd exhibition run, and trials cars are now highly specialised cars, built to a specific formula & utilising modern components.

The most famous trial, originally named the Park Orchards Trial because of its location in the Melbourne outer suburb of Park Orchards (now covered in houses) has been relocated and named The John Pryce Memorial Trial, in honour of the renowned Club member who introduced the sport to Australia in 1950. Around 12 trials are held annually.

 Entry Fees are very low, admittance to trials is always free and new members are always welcome. Trials Car Passengers are mandatory and we often need new member volunteers for this.

 We are always pleased to help anyone wanting to build a trials car. Give anyone on the trials committee a call, and see Grant Campbell's advice on trials cars here.

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