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Based in Melbourne, Australia, The Austin 7 Club Inc. is one of the oldest one make car clubs in the country. An excellent source of spare parts for all Austin 7s, our own club rooms and an active social and competition calendar make this a very active and enjoyable club.

Applications for membership are welcome from people who reside anywhere in Australia or Overseas A7 Club Membership Form

The Austin Seven Clubrooms are located in Units 8 and 9, at 19-23 Kylie Place, Cheltenham North, Victoria, Australia. For the first 45 years members met in rented premises before purchasing unit 8 in Cheltenham, which with substantial improvements and modifications, became the Clubs new permanent home. These Clubrooms were opened on the 4th February 1995 - a purpose-built auditorium with spare parts department, committee room, library and a kitchen set up for refreshments after each meeting- something which the members could be justifiably proud.

The Club purchased the next door unit 9 in 2003 and after renting it out, commenced in 2013 the major project of joining unit 8 and 9, relocating our spares department to a much larger purpose built area which was completed in 2015 and going on to expand the meeting room.

With the opening of our new kitchen in late 2017, completion of the chair storage area, carpeting and painting in 2018, the extension to the meeting room is now finished thanks to the excellent efforts of a large number of club members. A selection of Club pictures is presently being added to restore the Clubroom atmosphere. 

The Club holds a Monthly General Meeting (M.G.M.) at the Clubrooms on the first Wednesday of every month from February to December, where the formal business of the club is conducted in a meeting chaired by the Club President, starting at 8.00 pm. All Club members can have their say in the Club operation.

A traditional ‘Hot Air Session’ (H.A.S.) is held at the Clubrooms on the third Wednesday of every month from February to December, where members can get together to informally discuss Austin Sevens, Club Events and anything of interest, with from time to time guest speakers on related topics. H.A.S. meetings start at 8.15 pm if a speaker is scheduled.

The Austin Seven Spares Department located alongside the meeting room is open to members on the meeting nights- M.G.M. from 7.30 to 8.00 pm, H.A.S. from 7.45 to 9.00 pm unless there is a guest speaker and on the Saturday following the MGM (or the next Saturday if this clashes with a Club Event) from 12.30 to 2.30 pm.

As an assistance to remote Club members, Austin 7 Spare Parts can be ordered by mail from Janne and Robert Humphreys, 27 Peters Drive Cheltenham, Vic 3192 or by email.

The Clubrooms physical address is Unit 8/9, 19-23 Kylie Place Cheltenham North 3192. The Mail address is PO Box 462 Moorabbin 3189 - all mail to the Club must be sent to the postal address- any mail sent to street address at Kylie Place will not be received.

  • Meetings: Monthly General Meetings held on 1st Wednesday of the month. Hot Air Session held on 3rd Wednesday of the Month.
  • Club President: Len Kerwood
  • Club Spares Coordinator: Graeme Logan
  • OST Group Chairman: Geoff Strich
  • Historic Winton Subcommittee Chairperson: Peta Lee

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Calendar of Events

    Note all Clubroom meetings require Covid Injection.   
Austin Seven Club Calendar for April 2022
6 Wed M.G.M. With Zoom/Spares.  
9-14   Austin 7 National Rally Warrnambool.  
15 Fri VDC Hot Cross Run  
19 Tue 7.30 Committee Meeting.   
20 Wed H.A.S./Spares.  
Austin Seven Club Calendar for May 2022
1 Sun O.S.T 1 Woori Yallock.  
2 Wed M.G.M. With Zoom/Spares.  
7 Sat Spares/B.B.Q. 
15  Sun O.S.T. 2 Glenburn.  
17 Tue 7.30 Committee Meeting.
18  Wed H.A.S./Spares.  
27-29 Fri Sun Historic Winton.