Entries are now open for the 2018 Historic Winton event to be held on 26th & 27th May 2018. Entries will be accepted via email and post.

Entrants who submitted a paper entry in 2017 will be sent a paper entry and event information in the mail. These should be received in the next 2 weeks. All other entrants from 2017 will be emailed documents, where a current email address was supplied.

Information and Entry Forms can also be downloaded from this web page, see below-


Note- when you return your entry it will be entered in our database. After entries close the list will be put on the website.

If you have any questions about your entry contact the Entry Secretary Peta Lee-   petajlee@gmail.com. 

For any other questions contact the Event Director Noel Wilcox-   noelwilcox@rocketmail.com