• 2017 Supplementary Regulations

  • 2017 Entrant/Driver Invitation

  • 2017 Entrant/Driver Entry Method (MotorEventEntry)

  • Preferred method of entry is on line via www.motorevententry.org

     Please note: if you entered Historic Winton in 2015 or 2016 your personal details and car details are already in the MEE system. Simply log on using your user name and password and then enter

     If you did not enter Historic Winton in 2015 or 2016 you will need to create a new account by listing your personal and car details before being able to enter the event

  • 2017 Entrant/Driver Disclaimer

  • 2017 Entrant/Driver Entry Form

  • If you do not wish to use Motor Event Entry (preferred) please print out, fill in all sections of the form and post to PO Box 1056, Kunyung PO 3930.

  •  Note- when you post your entry it will be entered in our database and won't appear on the MEE entry list. After entries close the list will be put on the website.