Austin Seven Club CLUB SPARES from the Light Shaft


Note- for sale to Club Members Only 


Mail Orders contact attention Janne and Robert Humphreys Phone 0427 772 281.


Technical queries on parts and their application contact Ken Courtney (03) 9787 4489, Tony Press (03) 9509 7115 or Bill Sheehan (03) 5795 1889.


Spares Stock August.


Australian Built Austin 7 poster, #9999 selling at $20.00 + packaging and


This very rare collection is printed on very special material, no fading and

moisture proof. The poster has 55 Austin 7s, with builders name and original

selling prices. This collection of pictures was taken from original black and white

photos dating from 1927 to 1938 and is a must for the identification of your

Australian built Austin 7 in every State.


#1001 G.B. cast from original plate $51.00.


#1010b Oil pressure gauge 25lb per square inch (brass) with black Face made to

high standard to suit your Austin 7. Sell $192.00.


#1010w Oil pressure gauge 25 lb per square inch (brass) with white Face made to

high standard to suit your Austin 7. Sell 192.00.


#1011b Temperature gauge black face, complete kit, (Brass) made to

high standard, to prevent your Austin 7 from over heating and cooking your

motor. Sell $296.00.


#1011w Temperature gauge white face, complete kit. (Brass) made to

high standard, to prevent your Austin 7 from over heating and cooking your

motor. Sell $296.00.


#1553a Headlights 7" brand new, 1928 to 1929 brass complete. Pair sell $1000.00


#0042 Fan blade coil 2 blade balanced $75.00.


#0180 Universal joint kit (Hardy Spicer) new to spares $27.00.

#0257a Brake pedal rod adjusting brass wing nut, (Safety) $21.00.


#0257b Handbrake adjusting brass wing nut, $21.00.


Second hand and reconditioned Spare Parts August.


4 Speed Gear box new with high third gear to keep your Austin 7

in front of the others.  $2400.00  


3 Speed Gear box reconditioned new with high second gear, very good

improvement on hills for the National Rally in hilly Toowoomba.  $1500.00 


Spring front reversed & flat to suit a Austin 7 sports.  $200.00


Lucas SM 5 Switch panel, face black, with generator red light  ready to go. $50.00  


Lucas SM3 Switch panel face black Magneto model ready to go, 1925 to 28. $45.00

Spanners Austin branded assorted sizes make up your tool kit. $6.00 each  


Original Shelley Jacks made for your Austin 7 tool kit.   $50.00  


Prior to any purchase from Austin 7 Club Inc. Victoria ("Austin 7 Club lnc.")



1. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that any vehicle driven is roadworthy and safe.


2. Any new or used parts are supplied on the conditions set out below.




New and Seconded hand parts are only available to financial members.


New Parts


Parts supplied by the Austin 7 Club Inc. are made neither by, nor for, the original vehicle manufacturer.

Where original part numbers or names are referred to, this is for identification purposes only.


Austin 7 Club Inc. has no access to the original factory specifications or drawings, and makes no claim

that replacement parts exactly match original equipment supplied by the manufacturer.


Unless specifically stated at the time of sale, all parts supplied are only copies of designs and are intended

to assist in the repairing and restoring of vehicles as close as possible to original condition. No guarantee

 is given that they comply with current legislation.


Austin 7 Club Inc. has no knowledge of, nor control over, the circumstances of fitting and use of any parts

supplied by it.


The purchaser is solely responsible for ensuring that parts selected and purchased are suitable for intended

usage, and that they are fitted correctly, by a properly qualified person.


Any parts supplied through Austin 7 Club Inc. Spares Department and purchased by Club Members and

subsequently modified in any way, will not be eligible for refund or replacement or any consequential damage.


Austin 7 Club Inc. accepts no responsibility for any product failure and consequential damage if:-


there is any modification of the part after delivery; or


the product has been incorrectly fitted; or,


the product is used in a vehicle engaged in racing or speed events or practice for same; or,


is used in a vehicle modified from the specification of an original naturally aspirated standard Austin 7

 (excluding production sports cars)


Second-Hand Parts


Austin 7 Club Inc. may also offer for sale second-hand parts. If so, the standard conditions will apply.

However, any second-hand parts are supplied strictly on condition and the purchaser's acknowledgement

 prior to purchase that:


1. Any second-hand parts supply by Austin 7 Club Inc. are now in excess of 75 years of age;


2. The parts may not be serviceable and may require repair prior to use. Austin 7 Club Inc. is not

responsible for the cost of repair to any second-hand part or the discovery that the part may be

unserviceable after purchase or after repairs are attempted;


3. The Austin 7 Club Inc. does not know what, if any, modifications or treatment have been made

 to the component part or what abuse has been inflicted to it or them over the years;


4. The second-hand parts have not been crack tested (unless specifically stated in writing);


5. The purchaser has carefully inspected the parts prior to purchase and has satisfied himself/herself that:


(a) The parts are suitable for their intended purposes;


(b) The parts are of the correct model and year desired by the purchaser.




Any technical or other advice or information given by any member, or club representative verbal

 or written, is expressed as a personal opinion only, and must not be taken as a statement of fact.

Information will be given in good faith, to the best of our knowledge and ability, but neither

Austin 7 Club Inc., nor its members will be held accountable for any consequence arising from

such advice, freely given.


For the sake of clarity, these conditions of sale are briefly stated. Further terms and conditions apply,

 and from time to time may be amended, but nothing in such terms and conditions shall restrict a

consumers statutory rights.



AUSTIN 7 CLUB INC.    Reg No A0003290N